America My Destiny

This is a story of an immigrant who arrived at the shores of this great country, United States of America, in 1964 for higher education. He worked for corporate America after receiving a doctorate degree. When a real estate opportunity knocked at the door in 1979, he risked his entire savings and more to accept the challenge. Thirty five years of immersion in business, industry associations and providing a helping hand to anyone in need has been his life style. His life story is a testimony to the American Dream fulfilled which is still alive and well for anyone who dares to dream! Purchase on Amazon >

Amazon Reviews

"Being a college student with hopes to join the family business one day I've always looked up to Noble Investment Group and hope to establish something like it myself. When I learned about Bharat Shah releasing this book I was very eager to get started reading it. Every single page was heart warming and many times had me holding back tears as I thought of my parents struggle being immigrants in this country as well. As a second generation in this land of opportunity this book was a huge inspiration and would recommend it to anyone being one of the best I've read. I praise Bharat Shah for such a well written book and Mit being a inspiration for many second generation hoteliers." 4/13/15

"This book is probably one of the greatest stories I have ever read. As a son of an Indian immigrant family, I understand the pains and struggle of coming to America and making it in a foreign country. This book has inspired me in ways no one will ever understand except myself. So to Mr. Shah, thank you. Not only for your story but your words and inspiration to drive someone to fulfill his potential and allowing myself to understand what exactly my parents have done for me. This book has influenced me in many ways. So again thank you. To individuals deciding to read this book, I recommend it to anyone." 4/9/15

"One of the best American success story for an immigrant , I have ever read. Being Indian I can relate to many many things that he mentioned in the book. One can see that success leaves clues. People don't just become successful , they have some specific characteristics that you can track back. I have not met this gentleman, but hope to meet him one day, as I also live in Atlanta. People like Bharat Shah are inspiration to all of us. I am sure there are others with equally inspiring stories, but they way Bharat Shah has presented touched my heart, especially because I am also Gujarati. I am his son's age, for me this felt like getting life lessons from a father-figure. Thanks Bharatbhai for sharing your life and setting a great example for us to follow- Dr. Rakesh Shah, MD - MArietta, GA" 11/15/14

"This should be either a required or recommended reading for hospitality and business development courses in Universities, as it sheds a different perspective on what should be important to define and achieve success. Each of us feels we walk our own path and face our own individual struggles in life, and it is startling at times to realize how much we as people have in common regardless of our place of birth, our religion and our livelihood. This 236 page book by Dr. Bharat Shah covers approximately 50 years in his journey and is an excellent example of the many life challenges we all face, whether the same or similar. The book offers insights on how life and personal relationships based on trust, integrity and honor were built over time. Dr. Shah explains how he came to study in America, because his bachelor's degree earned in India was not enough of a basis for continued Indian education to become an engineer or doctor (the preferred paths for Indian men at the time). His stories of interacting and gaining knowledge about life in the US are touching and filled with many ups and downs as he first earned a Master's Degree at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and then a PhD at the University of Utah in Logan. The author's father had an entrepreneurial spirit in India, and Dr. Shah apparently inherited it. He shares stories over a ten year period of ventures from gift shops to imported shoes. Some involved life time friends, while others unfortunately included partners who became greedy and broke the trust. Dr. Shah did not lose faith in himself or America, but continued to grow professionally. He did not want to enter the motel business as his brother-in- law did, but he did earn a commercial realtor license in North Carolina. This led to his first unintentional entry into the lodging industry, which became a life changing event. He discusses learning about the workings of the political systems in North Carolina and how he discovered that business people can make a difference in their communities and states regardless of their place of birth. Bharat is quite open about the mistakes he and his wife Milan made in their early days in hospitality, and how their belief in themselves combined with a focused dream gave them strength to move forward as they fine-tuned their business skills. They dabbled in apartment ownership, but recognized that working with honest partners could allow them to acquire or develop profitable hotels and achieve successes not possible in India. Many businesses in America are family businesses and Dr. Shah describes how his family business came to include his two sons. Today, the Noble Investment Group is an exceptional example of how to achieve this on a larger scale. There are more than two dozen photographs in the book - some of family, some of business and all contribute to the flow of the stories shared. Bharat devotes several chapters on the value of leadership and communication. He shares the values he found in working with others as an early leader in the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), which was created to provide Indian hotel owners a united voice in the industry. His stories of the early days with no staff, donated office space and an uncertain future all contribute to the overall story of how many Indians sought to overcome obstacles by cooperative efforts rather than confrontation. His comments on the insights and values provided by Mike Leven (then president of Days Inns) add to the authenticity of the 25 year history of AAHOA in 2014. The final chapter is directed at the new generations of Indians whose families have migrated to America. He offers his insights on family, education, leadership and values to those who may or may not be involved in what became his industry. While I did not work directly with Bharat, I have met him several times and had the opportunity to interact with him about his journey. His family's story is one of courage, of being able to adapt and of self belief. Highly recommended!" 7/1/14

"Bharat Shah faithfully tells the story of his life…a life so typical of immigrants to the USA that sometimes, we don't notice its significance. But the truth is…for nearly every person in America, they have an ancestor that came to America seeking opportunity and a better life, just like Bharat did. For me, the story began with Johann Jacob Langharr who came to America in 1742. Bharat's book will help you stop for a brief time and be grateful for the love of family and the opportunity still abundant here in America. This book is a wonderful chronicle of a life well-lived." 5/30/14

"Wonderful story, amusing and inspirational. I bought three extra copies to give to my adult children as an example of what can be achieved with hard work, giving back, and humility. A continual reminder of the value of family and heritage." 4/4/14

"Could not put it down. Finished the entire book in 2 days! It was refreshing to hear how difficult his journey has been as we all too often look at someone's success without realizing exactly what they endured to achieve that success. For a young guy who's still finding ways to reach the pinnacle of the industry, it was nice to see that even if you fail many times, the greatest thing you can do is keep trying. By far, the biggest takeaway was the power of family and the power of love. It seems like Mr. Shah could have folded many times but his loved ones kept hope alive and kept the American dream alive. I strongly recommend the book for the younger generation!" 3/30/14

"What a great success story!You can hardly put it down. It's a story of an immigrant who strived to fulfill his dream, despite numerous challenges. He generously helped many people since he arrived in this country. He emphasized on the importance of education and value of family relationship. This book is an inspiration for all. It will encourage and motivate young people in general." 3/26/14

"A great read. Dr. Shah's life is written in such a beautiful way, it was hard to put down. Although he has achieved great success pursuing the American dream, I found it remarkable how humble he is, giving credit to so many people in his life. Two themes readily emerged while reading this book: the importance of family and education. He does a wonderful job not only relaying how these two themes are important to him, but how future generations can also achieve success by pursuing education to the highest degree, collecting wealth to take care of the family, and enjoying and contributing to the community you live in." 3/14/14