Bharat Shah, a native of India, arrived at the shores of the United States of America in 1964 for higher education. With a doctorate degree in Food Science and Technology he spent a decade as a research scientist in food industry. A real estate opportunity knocked at a door in 1979 and he risked his entire life savings and more to accept the challenge and opportunity. Thirty five years of immersion in the hospitality business, industry associations and providing a helping hand to anyone in need has been his life.


Born: December 13, 1939 in India


Elementary school education at a public school in hometown Navapur, India


High School Diploma, Navapur High School


Wilson College, University of Bombay, India. BS in Chemistry/Physics


Father Manubhai, a lumber businessman, buys an Indian patent to manufacture juice powers as my future business plan


Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, India, where the patent was developed. Received diploma in Food Science and Technology. Received training in manufacturing process for fruit juice powders.


Attempts to start the venture failed as a result of naiveté in dealing with corrupt officers at the state government in releasing approved funds to buy machinery. Convinced parents to leave for United States to study recent developments in food science and technology. It was, in reality, an escape route to get out of the country.


University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. Received MS in Food Science and Technology with 4.0 GPA.


Utah State University, Logan, Utah. Ph. D. in Food Science under a scholarship from National Institute of Health (NIH).


Elected unanimously, President of India Student Association and was asked to remain in the position for the entire stay at the campus.

July 1968

Awarded doctorate in Food Science

July 25, 1968

Arrived back to Bombay, India

August 18, 1968

Married Milan, a recent graduate of University of Baroda with BA in Psychology.

November 1968

Milan and I arrive in New York. Received a position of a research scientist with Nabisco Research Center in Fairlawn, NJ.

August 10, 1969

Son Mitesh is born

June 1971

Hired by RJR Foods. Hoboken, NJ as a head of Quality Assurance Lab


Partner, Faraway Places Imports, Ltd., a gift store venture that failed within a year

August 7, 1972

The family moves to Winston Salem, NC as RJR Foods headquarters moves to town to join the parent company, R.J. Reynolds Industries.

October 20, 1973

Son Rajesh is born.

December 1973

Shah family moves in a four bedroom house after being an apartment dweller for a long time.


Attempted many ventures to import goods from India. All failed.

July 1976

Parents arrive for their first visit to USA

December 1978

Received commercial real estate broker's license

January 1979

First listing was the Winkler Motor Inn, an independent motel in Winston Salem

July 1979

Unable to find a suitable buyer during the six months of the listing period, the owner, Jim Myers, suggested that I buy the hotel. We worked out a deal with less than ten percent down payment, most of it coming from my entire savings, a second mortgage on the house and borrowed money from friends. Myers financed the deal with a twenty year mortgage.

February 22, 1980

Last day at RJR Foods. Became a full-time manager at Winkler.


Joined Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce and Convention Visitors Bureau and attended political fundraisers. Received good reception from the town’s business community, local and state politicians. Established personal relationship with the state governor.


Founder President, India Merchants Association.


Built first new property, a 60-unit Econo Lodge, in King, NC. Parents arrived for their second visit to USA. Father was honored as he cut the ribbon and opened the hotel.


Development and acquisition of three more projects.


Elected Board Member, Asian American Hotel Owners Association


Founding of Noble Investment Group in Atlanta, Georgia. Start-up equity sourced from refinancing existing assets owned by Bharat and Milan


The first Noble hotel opens | Hampton Inn in Peachtree City, Georgia


Elected Chairman, Asian American Hotel Owners Association.


Mitesh marries Reshma Patel.


Grandson Arjun is born.


Granddaughter Roshni is born.


I take a complete retirement from business activity to pursue philanthropic endeavors


Rajesh founds Pinnacle Real Estate Investments


Initiated efforts to write memoir


"America My Destiny" is published.


Noble invests more than $4 billion in the lodging and hospitality sector.